Let’s face it, cyber attacks are becoming the norm for every organization, both large and small. It is becoming critical for businesses to take every possible precaution to protect themselves and their assets from risks and breaches. Penetration Testing plays a vital role in your organization’s security. iCyberi can perform both internal and external penetration tests that target your company’s infrastructure, identify key assets and critical vulnerabilities, and then try to exploit them to penetrate your network.

We employ numerous avenues within penetration testing to include Social Engineering, Network Boundary Security, Internal Network Security, and Host Based Security assessments. iCyberi will work with your organization first to determine the scope of testing and establish the rules of engagement. We take a different approach to penetration testing, working side by side with your system and network administrators in order to ensure the test is beneficial overall and that they understand the process.

This is not “us vs. you”, our goal is to work with your organization to achieve our common goal of securing assets and data.