What does it actually mean to “Manage Risk”? What are security controls and how do I implement hundreds of them on my systems and within my organization? What is continuous monitoring and why does it sound really complicated? Is it 5 0’clock yet?

At iCyberi, we know risk management like the back of our hand. Our founders and security engineers have been assisting the government, department of defense, and private sector industries implement risk management and cybersecurity requirements since it became a thing (quite literally… our folks have been doing this for a LONG time). Since there are LOTS of systems and only a few of us cyber folks, we’ve traveled around the world training individuals and organizations to do it too!

We offer standard and specialized risk management and role-based training in many delivery forms. And since we’ve worked for pretty much everyone over the years, we can even tailor it to your organization and specifications too. Reach out so we can start helping you today!